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Samsung Galaxy S7 g930 32GB Black EU

333.00 Βάσει "ΠΟΛ 1150"άρθρο 39Α

Εώς 6 άτοκες δόσεις με πιστωτική και πληρωμή στο κατάστημα.

  • Specifications
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Samsung's Galaxy S7 smartphone, with four-core Exynos 8890 processor with four 2.3GHz and four 1.6GHz cores, 4GB of memory, 32GB of memory, 12MP back and 5MP front, Super Amoled 5.1 "screen and An-droid operating system 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

At a glance

The Samsung flagship has come and has features that steal the show! Made of metal and glass, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge offers quality, elegance and high performance! With the powerful 8-core Exynos 8890 processor, 4GB of RAM, Super Amoled QHD curved screen 5.5 ", bright f / 1.7 diaphragm cameras, large 3600mAh battery and water and dust resistance, came in and change the way you communicate!
Choosing a combination of high-performance materials has made it possible to completely seal the inner parts in an efficient way by keeping the USB ports and headphones jacks open.

High-precision design & Aesthetics.

The Galaxy S7  impresses with its sophisticated design, its impressive curves and the quality of its construction! Samsung, using the 3D Thermoforming process, has perfected the Galaxy S7  curves in such a way that metal and glass blend perfectly together, creating an impressively compact casing. In addition, the ergonomically designed curves at the back follow the curve of your hand, offering a restful and steady grip!

The technological superiority of a mobile!

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the perfect combination of quality, elegance and high performance. The powerful 8-core Exynos 8890 processor combines uniquely with 4GB of RAM and offers a fast response to any of your commands! At the same time, the 3600mAh battery gives you the energy you want for uninterrupted communication without stress and the ability to extend internal memory up to 200GB through a microSD card, lets you conveniently store all applications, videos and photos you want to have with you!

When Gaming Rules Change!

The Galaxy S7  raises mobile gaming to another level. With technological features that are fully in line with the gaming requirements of the era and the ability to capture the action of any game, the Galaxy S7 is definitely a game changer! In addition, Game Launcher, the ultimate game control center, brings together all the games you've downloaded in one place, allowing you to "hurt" their settings quickly and easily!

Screen with rich curves & Colour! For the first time you can capture motion in panoramic moving photos. Still panoramic photo taken at the same time is a combination of the cleanest frames of the animated version. To live again, all you have to do is scan the screen or move the Galaxy S7 horizontally.

Protection against inflows : The choice of a combination of high performance materials has made it possible to completely seal the inside parts in an efficient way by keeping the USB ports and the headphone jacks open.

Official presentation Samsung S7